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Integration Services

Your data does not lose its integrity with our XML or Web Service Integration Solutions that Provide Data Exchange Between 3rd Party Programs and Logo Software Solutions Specially Written for Your Company. It saves time and labor by not re-entering the data you enter into other Programs into your commercial software again. We Can Eliminate Your User Errors.

Types of Integration
XML Integration

In XML Integration, firstly, other software that will communicate with Logo Software Programs must be able to export data in XML format. Afterwards, XML structures are created in consultation with the company that wrote or sold this program and a conformity analysis is made, if appropriate for integration, the XML code structures of the modules and or cards (Inventory-Current Card Information, Order or Invoice Modules, etc.) are matched and the data entered into the 3rd party software is transferred outside at desired intervals and saved as an XML file, and the data is transferred to the appropriate area in Logo software, and this XML file is processed. It is a useful integration method especially for card transfers (Stock, Current, Personnel, Account Plan etc.), but first, the card information in the process to be transferred into the process transfer (Order, Waybill, Invoice, payment, etc.) must be transferred. For this reason, Web Service Integration is generally preferred. For example; if an invoice is to be transferred, first the Current account and Material cards in the invoice must be transferred.

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Web Service Integration

In Web Service Integration, there is no manual process as in XML integration, it is a more useful and error-free solution since everything is automated. For example; When transferring an invoice from your Tailored software to Logo software or from Logo to your Tailored Software, you can have a checking of current account and inventory card while transferring the invoice, you can issue commands for current and inventory cards (add if not available) (update if it does not exist), therefore, while transferring the invoice to the system, you can You also include stock cards. When there is a change in the added invoice, you can ask the web service to detect it and automatically update the change on the other side. As you can see in the diagram below, integrations can be made between programs written in different languages. In order to achieve this, a mutual conformity analysis is performed before the software, the table structures, the fields to be transferred and updated, the data requested to speak, card matches, etc. are checked first in the test environment, and if there is no problem, it is used in the live environment.

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