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"My Software My Rules !!!"

Special (Tailored) Software Services
Integrated Tailored Software

Since the package programs or ERP systems are not generally of a sector-specific structure, sectors/businesses need to make their systems more convenient by purchasing additional modules such as work flow management, warehouse automation, CRM, Mobile Sales, etc. to make the program they use more efficient. However, since these modules still work within certain rules, if you want to have "My Program, My Rules", E4 Software is here with you with its expert staff. Let's analyze all your needs, determine the platforms you want to run the program, and write a tailored program that will meet your needs hundred percent. If you wish, let us integrate our program we have written for your E-Government processes (E-Invoice, E-Archive-E-Dispatch Note, E-Ledger) with your Logo Software Solution, or deliver it ready for independent use.

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