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Companies We Are Integrator Solution Partners


It is a web/mobile based, modular, corporate data management system that allows tracking of all sales and promotional activities of pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

With the collaboration we started in 2019, Order, invoice, material - service cards, etc. between Veribase CRM and Logo software solutions. We provide double-sided integration with many types of cards and plugs.


Bulut Tahsilat

Turkey's First and Largest Bank Account Information Provider Bulut Tahsilat; It offers you advanced banking solutions with online bank, online DBS, multi-money transfer, POS detail report, virtual POS infrastructure services.

As a result of the collaboration between E4 Yazılım - Bulut Tahsilat, with the web service integration we wrote, automatic data flow was provided for the bank transactions coming to the system via the online bank according to the relevant voucher types in Logo accounting and ERP solutions, and many successful projects were carried out during the year.



Paynet member businesses easily receive and collect payments from their customers for both B2B and B2C transactions. Moreover, with its advanced infrastructure, Paynet ensures that all these transactions are carried out quickly and securely.

With the business partnership agreement made between Paynet and E4 Yazılım, POS transactions made through the Paynet system will be integrated into the POS accounts of the relevant banks defined in Logo Accounting and ERP systems, and the data will flow error-free and automatically.




Strategic Cooperation between

Firms Using Veribase CRM having Commercial Software (Logo) Communicate with E4 Integration

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